These simple pointers for Winter Driving will – we hope – come as no surprise, but…

First thing you need to know about safely driving in the winter weather is that the cold is just as harsh on your vehicle as the hot. There are tons of websites that promote Safe Driving Tips (these are some good ones: OSHA, AAA, National Traffic Safety Institute, and Google Search for much more!) Catch up now, if you haven’t and you should try to commit them to memory.

The things that we find the most important for your winter driving safety are the repeated things you read regularly.  Here’s some additional basic thoughts we have:

  1. Pre-flight Checks: Start out with a vehicle that is ready for the weather.
    1. Make sure to check fluids,battery cables and under the hood for any visible signs of concern. Anything that’s leaking or cracked is not good.
    2. One more note about tire pressures: There is a myth that if you deflate the tires a bit, you can gain more traction. That’s a myth! Correctly inflated tires are the safest. What happens if you under-inflate? The opposite; they could blow out from overheating. Who would’ve thought, right?
    3. If you’re unsure about your car, then don’t drive it, or ask for help.
  2. Visibility: Clear off ALL snow from your vehicle.
    1. If there is snow on top of your vehicle that becomes dislodged when you brake, then you could be blinded completely by it sliding off of the roof. Scary!
    2. Make sure all of your windows are 100% clear and that your defroster is doing a good job.
  3. No Gimme’s: Four-Wheel Drive is not a blanket for safe driving.
    1. Unfortunately, 4-wheelin’ doesn’t help you stop, and doesn’t prevent sliding on ice. You still need to practice all safe driving tactics for any vehicle.
  4. Stay Calm: Do not out-drive your comfort zone.
    1. If you don’t feel like you’re at a safe speed, ignore the jerk in your rear-view who thinks you should go faster. It’s all about trusting the vehicle you know, and when you don’t feel comfortable, then you are not likely to make appropriate reactions.