At Dorn’s Body & Paint, our collision repair and auto body repair processes are state of the art. We use the industry’s best practices to assess the damage to your vehicle and to determine the best way to restore your vehicle. If you have any questions about any stage of our process, or you’d like more information, please contact us today!

The first step in collision repair is the tow. Even if your vehicle seems drive-able, it’s a good to have it towed to your collision repair center. This ensures no further damage and helps to document your repair service for your insurance company.


Next, we work to understand the issues of your vehicle and give the best estimate possible. Estimates are never exact though, as many issues occur during a collision and can only be found when the repair has begun. Issues can be hidden behind a few layers of parts.


After the estimate, and with your consent, we order the parts required to repair your vehicle. This step of the process can be fairly quick, but depending on the availability of parts, the delivery of those parts can fluctuate.


During the repair phase, the first stage is the structural repair. It’s important your structure is set correctly to set the foundation for the rest of the repairs for your vehicle.


Following structural repair comes auto body repair. This is taking the non-structural elements of your vehicle and repairing them so they can return your body to it’s pre-accident condition. This is also the step if we are doing paintless repair to your vehicle.


Once your vehicle’s body work is complete, it is time to paint. Our automotive paint shop uses quality paints and best practices to ensure a premium quality paint job for your vehicle. At this stage, we typically match your vehicle’s paint using a perfect color match technology.

There are possible options to change your vehicle’s paint during this stage. If you’re interested, tell your repair planner and they can discuss the options with you.


Now that all parts of your vehicle are repaired, it’s time to re-assemble the vehicle. At this stage, we methodically re-assemble all parts to your vehicle with careful attention to detail.


Collision repair can get a little messy. That doesn’t mean your car will ever leave our shop that way though! Our on-site detailing specialists help in the collision repair process to ensure your vehicle leaves our shop shiny and clean.


When your vehicle’s collision repair and auto body work is finished, we do quality control. Our shop managers look over your vehicle with extreme scrutiny and anything which wasn’t repaired to their strict standards gets redone. Our goal is your satisfaction.


When all is finished, we return your vehicle to you. Whether you’d like us to deliver your vehicle with our transport services, or come pick it up yourself, that’s up to you. As always, we’re happy to accommodate you and your schedule.

Still have questions? Contact Dorn’s Body & Paint today and we would be happy to help answer all your questions and concerns.

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