Special Notice From Dorn’s About COVID-19

We want you to know the extra steps that we are taking to protect our employees and our cleints:

Dorn’s Collision Repair Center, Dorn’s Auto Service and Dorn’s Specialized Transport (including equipment) are cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily.

  • We will respect your space and will greet you without a handshake. We will allow for adequate space between our teammates and customers (3-6 feet) during in-person interactions.
  • We ask that you remove all personal items from vehicles before drop-off or pick up.
  • We will provide you with digital paperwork if you prefer.
  • Client vehicles are disinfected before after all repairs are completed.
  • Our team are dedicated to hand washing between personal interactions and as many times as possible throughout the day.

Keep in mind we can accept insurance estimates by email. We will also send our estimates to our customers via email if you prefer. Although we know photos don’t show all the damage, we can start an estimate based on photos and will be happy to instruct our clients as to the best way to take more accurate photos. Once the vehicle is in the production area, we can disassemble and prepare a complete blueprint for repair and will send the blueprint along with any additional photos to your insurance company.

We offer a free pick-up and delivery service now for both collision and service until further notice. Our RPM’s and Front Desk have been briefed as to how to handle payment arrangements for any customer wanting to use the delivery service.

Thank you for your understanding, together we will all get through this. Reach out anytime at 804-746-3945 or at info@dornsbodyandpaint.com or text from our website at www.dornsbodyandpaint.com

The Dorn’s Team

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