Diagnostic Pre-ScansSnapOnScanner and Post Scans: What is a “Pre-Scan” and why do you need to perform this on my vehicle? Today’s vehicle is highly connected and has literally hundreds components and “Computers” in your vehicle. These ECM’s operate things like Adaptive Cruise Control, Land Change Assist, Vehicle Stability, Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Detection, Back Up Cameras, Front and Rear Radar, Side Impact Pre-Tensioners, Heads Up Display and Self-Parking just to name a few. In many cases, your vehicle has “fault codes” stored in these computer that may or may not show a warning light. At Dorn’s our Service Department has the ability to read these codes and determine if they were a result of the accident or damage or simply a code that has been in the vehicle for quite some time. Then, once the vehicle is fully repaired we perform a “Post Scan” to insure that all codes have been identified and cleared if needed. Most collision repair shops do not even look unless there is a code showing on the dash and this can and will compromise you and your families’ safety as the systems will not work as expected. This is the Dorn’s difference, complete and through service and inspection after an accident.