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Our BMW Trained Technicians will get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. We stand behind our auto repairs with a 100% Guarantee!

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BMW Body Shop in Richmond, VA

BMW is an iconic German manufacture with a dedicated client base that understands what they want. They also know how they want their vehicles repaired. They want BMW OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts replaced when they do have an accident. Not only should you be concerned with the type of parts you receive, but also the procedures that BMW requires collision centers to use. This insures that your vehicle is repaired back to BMW’s exact specifications. This not only protects the resale value of your BMW, but also the safety features that will protect you in the event of a second collision.

This is why Richmond BMW sends all of their clients to Dorn’s. Whether it is a major accident or minor scratch, they trust us to return your BMW back to BMW standards for safety and performance. All repairs are backed with our Lifetime Warranty. We understand your vehicle and more importantly we know how to protect your investment for the future. Ask about our BMW Valet Service.

Preserve Your BMW’s Performance

bmw-repairs-mechanicsville-vaBMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine®. By choosing BMW you deserve to enjoy that experience every moment you spend behind the wheel, even after a major collision. Our repair procedures are tested and proven by BMW engineers.

Our BMW Trained Technicians use Original BMW Parts. For restoring your BMW to original vehicle specifications of performance, beauty and safety, there is no equal. We use dedicated JIG based fixture benches (No else in Central Virginia has them) to repair your BMW just as it was made originally. We employ refinishing booths that model the refinishing process used in BMW factories in Germany and South Carolina. When our work is done your BWM will look and feel as it did when it left the dealer.

100% Guarantee and Lifetime Warranties

collision repair richmondAll of our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty for all repair work.

Why Choose Dorn’s Body & Paint?

  • One-stop automotive specialists, trained and equipped to repair all BMW models
  • 100% Guarantee on all services and preservation of factory warranties.
  • Access to Genuine BMW replacement parts and repair procedures.
  • On-site car rentals.
  • 24/7 Towing service.
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At Dorn’s we meet strict BMW requirements in a number of areas, including tools and equipment, training, personnel, facilities and operational excellence. What’s more, we must continually invest in and employ the latest repair technologies and equipment to remain current. In short, BMW has always stood for the highest standards in the automotive industry.

Through our hard work we can confidently say that we can repair all of the following BMW models to factory specifications: 230 I, 230 X Drive, M240 I coupe, 230 I Convertible, 230 I X Drive Convertible, 240 I Convertible, M240 I X Drive Convertible, 320 I Sedan, 320 I x Drive, 330 I Sedan, 330 I X Drive sedan, 328d Sedan, 328d X Drive, 330e iPerformance, 340 I Sedan, 340i X Drive Sedan, 330 I x Drive Sports Wagon, 330i X Drive Turismo, 340i X Drive Gran Turismo, 430 I Coupe 430i X Drive Coupe, 440 I Coupe, 440 I X Drive Coupe, 430i Gran Coupe, 430 I X Drive Coupe, 430i X Drive Gran Coupe, 440 I Gran Coupe, 440i X Drive Gran Coupe, 430i Convertible, 430i X Drive Convertible, 440i Convertible, 440i X Drive Convertible, 528i Sedan, 528i X Drive Sedan, 535d Sedan, 535 X Drive Sedan, 535i Sedan, 535i X Drive Sedan, 550i Sedan, 550i X Drive, 535i Gran Turismo, 535i X Drive Gran Turismo, 640i Coupe, 640i X Drive Coupe, 650i Coupe, 650i X Drive Coupe, 640i Gran Coupe, 640i X Drive Gran Coupe, 650i Gran Coupe, 650i X Drive Coupe, 640i Convertible, 640i X Drive Convertible, 650i Convertible, 650i X Drive Convertible, Alpina B6 X Drive Gran Coupe, 740i Sedan, 740i X Drive Sedan, 740e X Drive iPerformance, 750i Sedan, 750i X Drive Sedan, Alpina B7 X Drive, X1 sDrive28i, X1 X Drive28i, X3 sDrive28i, X3 X Drive28i, X3 XDrive35i, X4 XDrive28i, X4 M40i, X5 sDrive35i, X5 XDrive35i, X5 XDrive40e iPerforamance, M2 Coupe, M3 Coupe, M4 Coupe, M4 Convertible, M5 Sedan, M6 Coupe, M6 Gran Coupe, M6 Convertible, X5 M, X6 M, BMW i3, BMW i3 60ah, BMW i3 with Range Extender or the BMW i8.

When we install new structural components such as a rear quarter panel, rear body panels and frame rails, we use the BMW pneumatic rivet guns, Self-Piecing Rivets, BMW Structural adhesives and BMW Factory Rivet Extractors. These vehicles come from the factory with these panels’ resistance spot and MIG welded however the BMW Factory replacement procedure clearly states to Structurally Adhesive Bond with SPRs. Why? Corrosion and safety. Most all repairers in the area, weld these panels back (Not knowing the procedure and not having the equipment) creating metal fatigue, water leaks, grounding problems and corrosion issues. Insurers look at it “conveniently” as the “norm” because unequipped shops set the market precedence unfortunately. Therefore, some carriers refuse to pay for these procedures placing you and your family safety and your vehicles value in jeopardy.

Another point same insurance carriers go to is that “other” shops do not perform Jig Fixture measuring so why should they pay for the procedures and why does it need to be done? We go through the entire process of why and what will happen if we don’t follow the procedures. First, BMW/Mini requires these procedure to qualify for a factory certified collision repair.  If not, it will suffer diminished value not to mention the undiagnosed damage that could turn into warranty and or safety issues. Plus, Jig Fixtures are what the vehicle was built on and they are precise down to the millimeter, not like the universal benches that most repair shops use. BMW’s cannot even be mounted on these machines without causing more damage to the bottom of the vehicle.

We want to make sure that if anyone questions you about this that you know the reasoning behind what we do. At Dorn’s, we follow documented BMW procedures. In the service repair world, this is a common practice, unfortunately, in the collision repair world, it is far from the normal. This is Crown BMW/ Richmond BMW and BMW Midlothian all recommend Dorn’s for BMW certified repairs.

With over 50 years of auto repair service, we have built a shop that can handle all of your BMW repair needs. From transmission repair to refinishing, our facility and technicians can do it all. We want our customers to know that after a collision they have a trustworthy shop to turn to.

We also provide a number of convenient additional services for our customers. We offer 24/7 towing with state of the art transport vehicles driven by certified transportation specialists. From the scene of the accident we want our customers to know that they are in good hands. If your BMW is in for a prolonged stay, we also provide on-site car rental services as well.

We’ll take the hassle of the insurance claim off your shoulders, too. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and know what it takes to make sure your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition.

The performance of your BMW goes beyond speed and handling. BMW has invested millions into the advanced safety features that come with modern vehicles. From intricate structural designs that react intelligently to collisions, to sensors that deploy airbags at just the right moment. These features save lives, but also need a BMW approved repair to function as intended.

By following BMW’s guidelines for repair we know that your safety features will be working properly. Other shops may cut corners or ignore damages in order to cycle through customers faster. We believe that is an unacceptable repair strategy.

Dorn’s Body & Paint is proud to have certifications from over 20 different vehicle manufacturers. Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year engineering their vehicles to be safer, more efficient, and comfortable to drive. By following manufacturer procedures we ensure that those systems are restored properly.

Factory Certifications From:

Your car is the second biggest investment you are likely to make in your lifetime, so make sure you protect that investment. A factory certified repair will uphold your manufacturer warranties and restore the structural integrity of your vehicle. All of this is especially important if you’re leasing your vehicle, as improper repairs will be discovered upon inspection, and will be taken into account when you go to turn your car in.

Dorn’s has been Richmond’s premiere auto body shop for over 50 years.

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