IMG_2688Dorn’s Body and Paint Inc, has been working with aluminum for over 25 years. While repairing exterior Aluminum repairs as well as aluminum sheet metal work, we are well positioned and  have vast understanding in working with light weight automotive aluminum body panels and structure.


Fronius Welder

Today, we use the same Fronius Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welder that Tesla vehicles, Land Rover vehicles, Jaguar and others are built with and we have over 300 hours of factory training in aluminum structural. Welding Structural Aluminum requires the utmost in knowledge and expertise. For the less than 1% of the shops across the United States that have the equipment to perform these types of repairs, in training, there is 50% failure rate. At Dorn’s we not only have the equipment, but our technicians have trained and passed all of their OEM level welding certifications. Given us the tremendous honor of being the only facility in Virginia that to achieve this high goal.


Prepping to replace a rear quarter panel.

Most body shops have less experience with differences in how aluminum springs back from impacts compared with steel. Aluminum has a very poor memory and can resists straightening attempts so our experience really pays dividends here. With over 57 years of combined experience and training in structural aluminum repair and welding, our technicians meet all the requirements through ongoing certification and training.