Factory Certified Transmission Repair & Replacement

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Transmission Repair and Replacement

Maintaining a healthy transmission is vital to the overall well-being of your vehicle. Your transmission is a complex system of gears that delivers power to your engine. Over time your transmission builds up deposits and wears down. If not maintained the transmission can fail which will lead to a costly replacement

Transmission Flush Service

One of the most overlooked maintenance procedures is the flushing of the transmission fluid. This is the cause of most transmission failures and service issues. Replacing your transmission fluid and filters is the single most important step that you can take to extending the service life and reliability of your transmission. At Dorn’s we have the tooling and equipment to flush most vehicle transmissions. Don’t forget to ask about our synthetic transmission service.

A transmission flush helps to:

  • Remove harmful deposits and buildups of debris and sludge
  • Removes chatter or slippage
  • Reduces hard shifting

If you feel that your vehicle is not shifting the way it used to, then it is likely time to replace your transmission fluid before it turns to a more costly issue. It is important to have a vehicle that performs as you expect it to.

2 Year/24,000 Mile Warranty

collision repair richmond All of our Mechanical repairs come with a 2 Year/24,000 Mile Warranty. We stand behind the skill and dedication of our factory-trained technicians, and give our 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Dorn’s Body & Paint?

  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • 100% Guarantee on all services and preservation of factory warranties.
  • Access to Genuine replacement parts and repair procedures.
  • Hertz On-site car rentals.
  • 24/7 Towing service.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 3D, Computerized Frame & Structural Repair


Factory Trained Technicians

When it comes to automotive repair, Dorn’s is dedicated to doing it right the first time. We follow strict factory guidelines for all of our repair processes and understand the special needs of each make and model. This is especially important when it comes to the health of your vehicle’s transmission. We make sure that we accurately diagnose your transmission repair needs and do the restoration according to strict factory guidelines for repair. This is why we confidently back our technician’s work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Transmission Replacement

We do our best to help our customers avoid the situation where their transmissions need to be replaced. However, when you do need a new transmission it is important that it is replaced the right way. We find the right transmission for your vehicle, and always suggest the use of OEM parts. Modern vehicles are dependent on their components working seamlessly together. Now more than ever it is important that your new transmission fits the original factory specifications.

What Sets Us Apart
Factory Certified Training
ASE Certified Technicians
Top of the line technology & equipment
One of the only Service Centers in Virginia to have environmentally based AC refrigerant YF-1234
Financing Available
Personalized repairs
2 year/24,000 mile warranty
State Inspections
Foreign & Domestic
Rare & Antique vehicles

Dorn’s has been Richmond’s premiere auto body shop for over 50 years.

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