Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing Services

Auto Spa for Life – $1,100
Quality Interior & Exterior
Exterior Wash
Clean Wheels & Wheel Wells
Interior & Trunk Vacuum
Clean Interior & Exterior Windows
Check Lights & Fluids

Package 1 – $195
Quality Interior & Exterior
Exterior Wash
Clean Wheels & Wheel Wells
Tar Removal
Polish Paint Restoration
Interior Vacuum
Carnauba Wax
Clean Interior & Exterior Windows
Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
Clean Trunk

Package 2 – $110
Quality Exterior Detail
Detail Exterior Wash
Clean Wheels & Wheel Wells
Polish Paint Restoration
Interior Vacuum
Exterior Windows Cleaned
Carnauba Wax
Polish Chrome
Rubber Vinyl Dressing
Clean & Dress Tires

Package 3 – $65
Quality Interior Only
Carpet & upholstery Shampoo
All Ashtrays
Complete Dash
Door Jams
Interior Windows
Car Mats
Interior Vacuum

Package 4 – $27
Exterior Wash
Clean Wheels
Vacuum Interior
Basic Clean Up

Paint Sealants – Starting at $275

Full Body Undercoating – Starting at $295

***** Prices are for average cars & light trucks, vans & large suv’s are slightly higher. We offer other services including mechanical repair, towing, and gift certificates.

*Packages cannot be combined at the discounted prices.

Professional Car Detailing Services


Over time brushes and rollers cause micro-scratches on the outside surfaces of your vehicle. Eventually this contributes to the paint’s dullness and fading. We recommend: Stop washing your vehicle in the car wash! Have your vehicle hand washed by the experts at Dorn’s Auto Detailing. We know how to protect and re-energize the paint on your vehicle.

We also shampoo and detail interiors as well. Our enzyme formula acts as a continuous cleaning agent and keeps stains from reappearing.

Restoring the Gloss to Paint

At Dorn’s Body and Paint, we know paint. Dorn’s Auto Detailing knows how to restore your vehicles paint. Sometimes, there is no need to refinish your dull fading paint. Our professionals will machine buff and hand-rub your vehicle back to its formal self. We use 2 polishes that protect, seal and improve your paint’s shine. We can repair some scratches without repainting or replacing. We offer all of our clients four different detail packages. They can use them during the repair process or individually at any time. We offer these services at a substantial discount while your vehicle is here for repairs.

We remove paint over-spray caused by home painting projects, roadside spills, fresh road paint or simply hazards that are on your vehicle. Our products eliminate unwanted contaminants from your vehicle, but keep the original shine and condition intact without damaging your vehicle or the paint underneath.

Recondition Interiors

Our experts repair and remove cigarette burns, seat tears and spills. Some with little or no replacement. Our professional reconditioning technicians can handle your entire vehicle. From pressure washing your vehicle’s engine (See our restrictions) to fully buffing and waxing the exterior, deep interior cleaning, scratch and dent removal to headlight restorations. Dorn’s Detailing Services can do it all for a fraction of what you think it would cost. We have over 48 years of experience satisfying and helping Richmond and tri-cities residencies with all their vehicle needs.

Our headlamp restorations services can bring back your faded headlights back to their former glory. We not only restore them back new condition, we also re-aim them as needed and required. Most places cannot do this.

Future Protection

We offer Clear Protectant Bras that are applied directly to your vehicle (Front Bumper-Hood-Fenders) and prevent chips, tar and road grime along with keeping your vehicle looking new longer. Plus, you can barely see them and they work great.

We offer full Paint Protective Coatings (Sealer) with full lifetime warranties from cracking, peeling or fading. Plus, they make your vehicle look better for much longer.

We also have Full Undercoating and Rust Preventative services here at Dorn’s. This service helps prohibit rust from the entire undercarriage and frame areas. We also spray and apply the product in those touch to clean areas such as behind fenders, doors and rocker panels.


Auto Spa for Life

Dorn’s also offers the Auto Spa for Life with most every collision repair (some restrictions apply) This means that for as long as you own the vehicle, you can bring it back to your professionals at Dorn’s and we will hand wash and vacuum your vehicle at no charge to you four times per year at your choosing. If you qualify, this is a $1100 value that we give to you at no additional charge. If your repair amount doesn’t qualify, you can always purchase the Auto Spa for Life package from Dorn’s for $1100.

Moisture Removal Services

We also perform moisture control and removal from your vehicle. Did you leave the window or sunroof down? Simply vacuuming it out is not enough to prevent future problems such as rust, bad smells and electrical problems. At Dorn’s Auto Detailing, we can handle any moisture extraction or interior removal when required and as needed.

We also refurbish and repair alloy wheels (When Applicable) back to their original condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement.