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We're proud to be Virginia's first and only member of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network. Whether you need collision repair or mechanical service, we stand behind our Tesla repairs with a 100% Guarantee!


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Tesla Approved Body Shop serving Richmond

Virginia’s first and only Tesla Approved Body Shop

tesla approved body shop in richmond virginiaDorn’s is a family owned and operated Tesla approved body shop & Collision Facility located in Richmond, VA. Our dedication to state-of-the-art technology and the latest vehicle education has resulted directly in our status as the first and only Certified Tesla approved body shop in Virginia.

Your One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Tesla Automotive Needs

With over 50 years of auto repairs. Dorn’s has created a “one stop shop” for all of your automotive needs. Alongside structural and mechanical repairs, we also offer detailing and other cosmetic repairs that come with the same lifetime warranties and satisfaction guarantees. In the event of a collision, Dorn’s is the only number that you need to call.

Preserve Your Tesla’s Value

As a Tesla owner you value the features that make your car so unique. In order to achieve what Tesla has with their electric engines and 5 star safety features, they must meticulously design each and every part of the vehicle. There simply is no aftermarket substitute for genuine Tesla parts and repairs. That is why you need a certified Tesla repair center in order to protect your vehicles value.
As a certified Tesla repair center we have the required factory-training and access to genuine parts needed to erase collision damage. This will maintain your car’s resale value as well and protect factory warranties.

collision repair richmond All of our certified Tesla repairs come with Lifetime Warranties. We stand behind the skill and dedication of our factory-trained technicians, and give our 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Dorn’s Body & Paint?

  • One-stop automotive specialists, specifically trained by Tesla Roadside and Tesla for auto body and mechanical repairs in Fremont, California
  • 100% Guarantee on all services and preservation of factory warranties.
  • Access to Genuine Tesla replacement parts and repair procedures.
  • On-site car rentals.
  • 24/7 Towing service.


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Tesla Body Shop Richmond, VATESLA Motors is truly an amazing automobile manufacturer that has been introducing several new vehicles since 2003. These new vehicles have many state-of-the-art improvements ranging from the way the chassis is constructed to the types of material used to construct body components.

Head-on-Tesla-Red-Small-CThe qualities that make Tesla vehicles so unique and valuable also require certified repairs. All Tesla models are constructed with lightweight aluminum. Steel has been the standard material on vehicles for years. Aluminum is a lightweight material that allows Tesla’s advanced electric engines to get more mileage per charge. However, aluminum repairs require special tools and techniques that many auto repair shops do not understand. Techniques used to repair steel parts will damage aluminum parts. This makes it vital to only get Tesla repairs from a certified Tesla body shop.


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Tesla Structural Repairs: Our technicians have received state of the art training from the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. This dedication to training is required to learn all of the intricate details of working on Tesla vehicles. Even windshield replacement requires certified knowledge when it comes to Tesla cars. Few collision repair facilities are capable of correctly restoring vehicles like these – engineered with groundbreaking technology and design. Dorn’s supports the advancements of Tesla vehicles and wants our customers to feel confident that they have a trustworthy Tesla body shop to turn to.

tesla-structural-repair-tesla-body-shop tesla-body-shop-certified-structural-repairtesla-major-structural-repair-tesla-body-shop
Only a Tesla Certified Collision Center like Dorn’s can properly perform this kind of major structural repair to this 2017 Tesla Model X.

Tesla Windshield Replacement: Even something as simple and mundane as windshield replacement with other vehicles is not with your Tesla. The windshield is part of the of the structural integrity of the vehicle. If it is not replaced to Tesla Factory Specs using Tesla proven equipment and parts, it could fail in the event of an accident causing more damage to the vehicle and even worse, rendering the SRS system less effective or useless. This is even more with the Model X. Its size and weight make so that only certified installers should replace it.


Open Letter To Tesla Owners:
Understanding Tesla Certified Collision Repair Facility Founders

Click here to find out more about the benefits of having your car repaired by a Tesla Certified Collision Repair Facility Founder.

Certified Tesla body shop | Dorn's Body and Paint Mechanicsville VA and Richmond, VA

At Dorn’s we are also certified to perform mechanical repairs on collision damaged vehicles. We have tooling and equipment including software to tie into your vehicles on-board electronics and diagnostic ECMs. From removing suspension, the main battery and power supply, to Four Wheel Alignments and tires, we can handle your Tesla “out of warranty” or collision repair service needs.


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Tesla has earned 5 star safety ratings from IIHS, which is no easy feat. They have also done so while producing some of the most unique vehicles on the road today. These high tech designs and features require a certified repair. Whether you have just been in a collision, or you are getting wear and tear maintenance, a certified repair is vital. Only a Tesla repair center will have the proper tools and knowledge to keep the advanced safety features of your Tesla functioning as intended.
Tesla vehicles are completely interconnected. In order to perform any sort of repair, the technician has to understand the vehicles construction completely. An improper repair at one point, could cause mechanical or digital errors elsewhere. This is why Dorn’s has dedicated so much time and resources into developing ourselves into a Tesla body shop.
Dorn's Body and Paint Mechanicsville VA and Richmond, VA

Tesla vehicles cannot be transported by just anyone. Our certified drivers have been specifically trained by Tesla Roadside and Tesla Service Centers in order to learn how to properly transport Tesla vehicles. Improper towing or transport can cause serious damage to your vehicle.
Being the certified repairers, we understand the complexities of your vehicle. Rest assured that when we transport your Tesla, it will arrive when expected as expected.

Dorn's Body and Paint Mechanicsville VA and Richmond, VA

We have great News!

Why should have to settle for an ordinary vehicle if your Tesla has been involved in an accident? Now you don’t have to any longer.

Dorn’s is the only certified repairer on the East Coast that has Model S Tesla’s available for rent while your vehicle is undergoing repairs. They are also available to those who simply want to try one out for a day. If you are curious about Tesla vehicles but are unsure where to turn, contact Dorn’s today!

As a Tesla owner, you are entitled our exclusive service called “Tesla Valet.” Dorn’s will transport your vehicle – as a Tesla Certified Roadside Assistance Provider – to and from Dorn’s at no cost to you. Our certified drivers can get your vehicle no matter how far. We offer our service in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia. If you cannot drop your vehicle off, we will pick it up for you. This is Dorn’s commitment to our Tesla clients.

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Dorn’s Body & Paint is proud to have certifications from over 20 different vehicle manufacturers. Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year engineering their vehicles to be safer, more efficient, and comfortable to drive. By following manufacturer procedures we ensure that those systems are restored properly.

Factory Certifications From:

Your car is the second biggest investment you are likely to make in your lifetime, so make sure you protect that investment. A factory certified repair will uphold your manufacturer warranties and restore the structural integrity of your vehicle. All of this is especially important if you’re leasing your vehicle, as improper repairs will be discovered upon inspection, and will be taken into account when you go to turn your car in.

Dorn’s has been Richmond’s premiere auto body shop for over 50 years.

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